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About Me

Greetings, I’m Manuel. I’m a Maker with an engineering background (mechanical and software) living in Lisboa, Portugal. I love technology, innovation and DIY. Solving problems and fixing things is something that really gets me going.
In recent years people have called me an entrepreneur. Still trying to find out why and what that really means but I think that it has something to do with my response to "that's impossible, you can't do it".

What I Do

Maker & DIYer

Broken things aren't to be disposed of and working things can always be improved upon. DIY can be an awesome endeavor!

Web Stuff

Being involved in several projects and having a software engineering background, I ended up building and maintaining various websites.

Entrepreneurial Things

I like to help make things grow and enable people to thrive using my skillset to do so. I do this in events and other similar spaces.

Hardware Ventures

From 3D printing to electronics. From prototypes to products. I've created things, both alone and in a team, in the hardware space.

Me Throughout The Ages

  • SET 2008- SET 2016

    The Beginning

    This school though me a lot. Really a lot! Started out as a Mechanical Engineer MSc Student, ended up switching to Software Engineering in 2012. Didn't graduate but I attended and acquired most of the skills tought there.

  • JAN 2014 - SET 2016


    HackerSchool is awesome! Great people, the right atitude and the perfect mindset, all together there. My time there seamed to fly. Tons of projects, workshops, events,... For me it was an honour to help this association grow and to be part of the organization of LX Reactor 2015.

  • FEB 2015 - DEC 2016

    Engineered Airsoft Solutions

    Innovating electronics for the airsoft battlefield. Ongoing product development and a couple of products translates into a small business which best seller product as sold 120+ units in Portugal and has a 0% failure rate (average failure rate of the competition is around 70%).

  • AUG 2015 - NOV 2015


    Productized was a great working experience. Joined to help the association with the talks and with the Productized Conference 2015. Did a bit of everything from sales to event planing and website and social media management.

  • FEV 2016 - JAN 2017

    No Bullshit Lab

    At the begging of 2016 the No Bullshit Lab idea was presented to me and I just had to join in. It was an opportunity to create a fullsize LX Reactor with facilities out of a dream. The goal is to create a one of kind startup accelerator, focused on hardware startups allowing them to have better chances of overcoming the challenges of hardware.

  • JAN 2017 - JUN 2017


    FUSE.Works is No Bullshit Lab on steroids. At the end of 2016 we closed an investment deal on No Bullshit Lab that will allow us to grow faster and provide even better conditions to hardware startups, from prototiping facilities capable of producing their first batches to seed investiment.

  • JUN 2017 - DEC 2017


    During this time I worked as a Front End freelancer in a few projects including Pavnext's first website or as an Operations Manager in MINI NewCo Festival 2017.

  • DEC 2017


    Landing Jobs is Europe's best tech jobs marketplace. Worked with the product team to give a boost to the platform creating new pages, features and fixing bugs mostly using SCSS and Slim.

  • JAN 2018 - FEB 2020


    Being a part of the awesome imatch team enabled me to grow professionaly and personaly on a daily basis at a uge rate. imatch is a creative collaboration consulting company that works innovation, culture and other areas with major companies.

  • MAR 2020 - NOW

    Deloitte Portugal

    Currently working at Deloitte Portugal as the Webmaster of the Marketing department.

  • Only The

Other Stuff I Did

(just a sample)

Target System

Electronics & Programing

The Communication Makers



Case & Business Plan


3D Modeling

Performance Mosfet Plus


No Bullshit Lab


PRIO Jumpstart

Website (2017 edition)

PRIO Top Ideias

Website (2017 edition)

No Office Work



Since I really like to help others, I've volunteered at several events and helped organizations put toghether events. Doesn't matter the area of the assignment, if there's something to be done, it gets done. Like they say in the portuguese military: "Missão dada é missão cumprida"


Startup Weekend Lisbon 2016


Landing Festival 2016

Volunteer Coordinator

MINI NewCo Festival 2016


BET 24 2017

My Skills


Basic Java knowlage
Basic Python knowlage


Solid Edge
Basic Circuit Electronics
Electronic Soldering
3D Printing
Regular & Heavy Tools


Portuguese (Native)
English (Advanced Level)
Basic French
Basic Spanish

Other Things

MS Office Tools
Business Strategy
Leadership Skils
Team Work & Management
Adobe Photoshop
Final Cut Pro